You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on the purchase of best rc cars. However, just because you spend a lot of money on a remote control car, that does not mean you will have more fun. There are many affordable remote control vehicles available, and this is the best option for those who are shopping on a budget.

Even though the cheaper cars may not be as fast or perform as well as their more expensive counterparts, there are an upgrade and modification kits that have the ‘expert’ seal of approval. These modification kits will help your cheaper remote control car run just as well as an expensive one.

Mugen Seiki MTC1 Competition 1/10 Electric Touring Kit

This kit includes high-quality products from Mugen Seiki. The kit was tested and in development for over one year before being introduced to the public. The MTC1 is a remote control car kit that has earned the respect of many industry experts for its features such as:

Big bore shocks
Zero tweak flex system
Low friction pulleys
Aerodynamic front bumper
Dual belt drive train
One-piece motor mount

If you are looking for the ultimate in a touring kit for your remote control car, this kit can offer these features and more to new and seasoned racers.

Serpent SRX8 Cobra EVO 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The manufacturer worked with a team of engineers and drivers to create the EVO. This kit focuses on performance, while a lot of attention has also been placed in creating a kit that was both strong and easy to use.

The features include:

4-shoe racing clutch
Radio box cups decals
Shock caps with dual system
Spring steel center driveshafts
Steel disk brake system

XRAY X12 2018 Link US Spec 1/12 Pan Car Kit

Based on the successful X12 platform, this remote control kit incorporates refinements and latest improvements that have been proven to beat its competitors around the world. No need to assemble any parts for this, it comes ready out the box so you can crush your competition.

The updated features of this kit are:

2.5mm graphite chassis for the European edition
Innovative wheel adjustment
X12 Uni-platform design that has parts that are interchangeable
Front bumper graphite holder
US edition track width adjustment inserts

This kit allows your remote control car to be ready for indoor carpet racing and outdoor asphalt racing.

Kyosho MA-020S AWD Mini-Z Sports ReadySet With Nissan Skyline

This kit features a variable chamber suspension (VCS) that is located on the front. It helps to optimize the camber change with a suspension stroke. Factory equipped with ball bearings, the kit offers high drive efficiency combined with unique scale body.

Features include:

A range of optional parts
A factory detailed body that comes with display model quality finish
Standard installed drift tires
Front suspension with coil springs that can be replaced without the use of tools

Keep in mind; this kit is designed especially for the KT-19 transmitter.

You can easily upgrade and modify your small RC vehicle. These are the top kits recommended by experts, and you can choose one that will best suit your needs.


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