An integral part of the rolling garage door system is a spring (or springs), which helps in manual or mechanized opening and closing of the door. There are two types of spring systems: a torsion spring system in which a single coil spring running parallel to the door is used to counteract the weight of the door. How much o replace garage door torsion spring?

The cost of springs for garage doors

Garage door spring repairs cost an average of $ 250 for both materials and labor, with a typical range of $ 150 to $ 350, which includes replacing two springs. For multi-door garages or installations that require the replacement of other components, you can pay up to $ 500.

Repair almost always means replacing, but you may need to open the door and lubricate the springs, which costs only 50 to 100 USD. The materials themselves (springs, brackets and equipment) cost from $ 30 to $ 200 for a set of two springs with $ 75 to $ 150.

Most doors have two springs that cannot be repaired but replaced only when they fail. You probably won’t notice the first spring break until the second one has passed. Even if only one of them fails in any way, you must replace both at the same time to keep the door balanced. Besides, if one fails, it’s only a matter of time until the other fails. It is usually cheaper to replace both during the same visit.

DIY replacement or professional repair?

Both torsion springs and extension springs are relatively inexpensive parts, usually for under $ 50 per pair. This makes replacing DIY seem like a pretty good option, but remember that you may also need other tools to do this job safely. And if amateurs working without proper knowledge do this, serious injury can occur when replacing the garage door springs. These metal parts work under high pressure, so read the instructions carefully and follow them if you decide to do the work yourself.

How much o replace garage door torsion spring?

The cost of self-exchange

Estimating the cost of replacing springs is a bit less simple than estimating the cost of professional replacement. This is due to the fact that there are several factors to consider when determining the final price, and not all of them are monetary.

Spring cost The garage door springs themselves are quite inexpensive. They can usually be bought in online stores or in a big house at home for less than $ 100 per set, even with the highest quality springs. Remember to bring your old spring to the store or make a note of all specifications to ensure accurate replacement.

The cost of other tools

Replacing the spring for the garage door does not require many tools or equipment, but requires certain things, such as a clip to keep the door in place during replacement, and safety glasses and gloves that ensure safety. The cost of these elements should also be included in the cost of replacing the door spring. If you do not have a stool or ladder, you must also buy or borrow one of them.

Cost of time Replacing springs for garage doors is not a very difficult task, but it takes a long time, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Time needed to find and buy the right spring and tools for work; time needed to get acquainted with the doors and springs and to learn the procedure; and finally the time it takes for you and your helper to replace the springs – all these considerations affect the total “costs” of this repair. Often, DIY enthusiasts spend the whole weekend doing this project, so think carefully about how much time you will devote.



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