Cost effectiveness really boils down to how much value you gain when choosing a service. For example, if you look at the cost of the T1 line as a stand-alone component, it may be a bit expensive. This is particularly important when you compare the prices of the T1 internet line with other options such as cable TV and DSL. How much does the t1 line cost? 

As mentioned before, it’s really about value for money. Yes, if you compare it with several other options, you may feel that the T1 line costs much more, but in return you get advantages and advantages that other services may not have. So, if your business organization or personal requirements need reliable internet connectivity and an always available network, you may not have many options other than getting a T1 line.

Rural areas

T1 costs in rural areas may vary, but most of the time the cost of T1 will be between 350-450 USD per month. Rural areas are considered to be any location greater than 50 miles from the average-sized city. Typically, only a few T1 suppliers are able to handle this area (at a competitive price).

Small towns

T1 costs in a small town are likely to be between $ 300-400 per month. A small city would have several competing T1 service providers and would have limited telecommunications capabilities.

How much does the t1 line cost?

Disadvantages of the T1 Internet

For most small businesses, the biggest drawback to the T1 Internet is price. According to T1 Shopper, the cost of a digital subscriber line (DSL) service is between USD 50 and 250 per month, while T1 prices are between USD 212 and 1,200 per month.

For companies that do not need to transfer large amounts of data, but need to stream movies or download large files, faster download times available on cable Internet may be a better choice than symmetrical T1 speed.

Thanks to cable internet you can get higher download speeds – in some cases up to 50 Mb / s – for less than you pay for download speeds of only 20 Mb / s on T1. The problem is that the cable upload speeds can be much lower than the download speeds – and no speed is guaranteed.

How much is the T1 line compared to the cable?

The price is significant. The cost of cable internet varies from about 30 to 100 USD per month, depending on many factors (download speed is the most important). Even in high class it is much less than the cost of T1 internet, which starts from about 250 USD per month and can even be $ 1,200 a month. Many cable companies have developed packages to meet the unique needs of small businesses, and combining cable Internet with other services such as telephones can further reduce bills, and improve bill payment.



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