Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on removals and storage. Moving is one service where a small amount of information can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Please note – I have a lot of information about moving in and moving out, in particular with accommodation. Can movers store your stuff?

Why store through a moving company?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of completing this process in one company is convenience. If you work with separate companies, you must coordinate with the moving team and the warehouse. You need to create a more detailed schedule to make sure your items arrive on time. You’ll also need to work within the parameters of two sets of storage restrictions instead of one. When you shop at a reputable moving company, you already know most of the rules and have the most resources you need.

Moving and storage options at night

Renting a truck and parking it overnight – unless you plan to sleep in or with a truck – this is not the best option. First of all, a truck rental will charge you for two full days, which can be $$$$. They also do not cover anything if the items are stolen, wet (if the truck leaks and it rains). If you decide to move and store your items in a rented truck – get a zip back – rented trucks in the driveway or parking lot at night sit ducks.

Can movers store your stuff?

Mobile and portable storage

Mobile and portable storage options are now available in selected franchise locations! Whether it’s short-term or long-term, these storage compartments are useful for storing things when moving from one location to another. Our 16 foot and 5 x 8 inch x 7.5 inch storage units are safe and reliable, and you’ll never share space with other customer’s stuff.

We can leave the storage at any time, and you even have the option of loading it through our movers. Prices vary depending on the location.

Removal Insurance

Specialized warehouses should have the necessary insurance policies to protect items in the event of damage or loss. A long-distance removal company can only be insured for moving, not for storing your belongings, so ask for moving. Also check that your home insurance covers storage at your moving company, so make sure you have current payments. So you should keep it with your movers? It really depends on your situation. After reading these pros and cons, you should be able to make a better decision.



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